BANK – YOUR POST OFFICE                      

In India POST OFFICE was the basic machinery for our communication in initially.

But later with time, POST OFFICE lost perception from mind of people.

Because, other most effective and fast communication tools emerge in India.

Actually as you know Govt. did not equipped post office well as others were.

Saving is the most effectual asset for any county’s development. In India, Government implements certain policy in every five year planning. But he did not access the most effective infrastructure of POST OFFICE, which is capable to attract small saving habit in nation  on the whole of rural India.

Since some year back Govt try to developed post office as real time Bank .

Yes , in this financial plan year 2013-14 finance minister put provision in one more step toward development of real Bank as POST OFFICE. He declare that POST OFFICE shall be provide all Banking facilities in coming up days .

As I know small saving how effective to develop our life in different area, and POST OFFICE’S role in our life is very important as their friendly approach to people..

Finance minister lay provision of Rs 532 crore , so that POST OFFICE can provide all banking facilities. POST  OFFICE department already hire Earnest and young, which assist establishment to POST OFFICE as real time banking.

In all over India POST OFFICE branches are almost 1 lack 55 thousands and mostly they are in rural India, whereas Bank branches are only 90 thousands.

POST OFFICE already provided many financial services efficiently

Please visit post office’s website for more information –


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