E-Gold – As a share

E-Gold – As a share


I do not know more about rest of word about craze for Gold but Indians are so crazy about Gold after china.


They purchase it for jewelry and other use. There are many way to purchase gold. Some people like invest here for  gain and some people like to make jewelry.


In Market, there are many objectives to participate as investors in Gold coin, jewelry, Gold ETF, Gold fund and E-GOLD.


English: Bracelets at the Dubai gold market

But E-Gold Product  is more different and unique in comprising with others Products.


What is E – GOLD

This is the product of national spot exchange ( NSEL) which facilitate to purchase and sale of  gold in Demat format. You can start to purchase from one gram gold and so on and cost of e-gold depend on market value of Gold.


Details about E – Gold

At electronic platform, Investor can be sale and purchase of e-gold straightforwardly. Market cost ( Boli –call  or value of e-gold ) very unique and unite all over country.

Expenditure of maintenance is zero cost if we comprise to other Product of Gold and no tax over capital gain in E – gold.

You can find gold in physically deliver with 99.5 % purity and there is facility to liquidity with equivalent of E-gold Product’s value in Market.


How do we can start?

  1. We need to open a client account in NSEL for e-series trading.
  2. After that another account called Beneficiary  account shall be open in associate  who are registered in NSEL. In beneficiary account your Gold put forward in Demat format.
  3. Now you are ready to Purchase and sale  your gold. You can purchase via call or via terminal way.
  4. you can trade here from Monday to Friday  time 10.00 am to night 11.30 pm accordingly.


Profit of  E-Gold

A.        your Gold is secure in form of Demat form.

B.        No thread from thief and securities.

C.        Easy and low-priced objective.

D.        Liquidity facility.

E.         One Price all over country.


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