Google Glass – An Electronic device

Google Glass – An Electronic device

Today revolution of innovation is a trend and around we found the many new machine, gadget etc.

I just here share very informative and advancement of Gadget which may be very world-shattering.

Hope that you appreciate it with your comments and suggestion.

So let with me know it is Google Glass gadget……………. Yes…… is a Smart Device, which looks like your goggle. And you can use their feature perfectly.

Google develop it, and actually it is wearable computing device.   Company working on the project and as information it will be in market in end of this year.

Google Glass Gadget is a high resolution display device with camera and have connectivity via wi fi network and Bluetooth, through camera you can make video and Photo also.

Specification –

  1. Google Glass is based on Android Operating system.
  2. Attached camera with 5 megapixels with 720 p video recording possible.
  3. Storage capacity-20 GB Flash memory.
  4. User can access of 16 GB storage and can also use it with Google cloud storage.
  5. Bone conduction transducer used for audio facility and no requirement for headphone.


Main feature of the Gadget

  1. INFORMATION SEARCHING –   search become more easy and for search command by your voice.( using voice command) for exp. if you ask a question  where is the Delhi ? answer come within while ( very fast speed).
  2. LIVE VIDEO SHARING – Real time sharing …. If you want to share any real time events, this is very easy with just your voice command.  It means if you are in birthday party, which you can send live events.   Yaa……… great feature.
  3. TRANSLATION – You can translate any contents into any language as you instruct language specification. You can use Google now, notifications, hangout etc.


Please visit to know more information for this Gadget





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