SOME USE FULL TIPS Which I acquired from my study like to share here as below-

1. What is the perfect age to invest or saving?

You need to know it perfectly that when we start to invest and saving. Yes, we should be invest from any time but habit of saving or invest should be since young age and result will be amazing and surprisingly your money become big deal from small amount saving with discipline.

2. What is the saving and invest difference?

Saving – saving give you small profit with limitation within time period.

Invest – in invest you can make your invest amount more profitable and some time it become four time more than your invest amount. such as real estate and others medium.

3. What is the objective of invest?

There are two type is invest as

PHYSICAL ASSET –Real estate, Gold, Jewelry, commodity.

FINANCE ASSET – Saving Account, fixed deposit, small saving instrument, MF Retirement Scheme fund, Share Bazar etc. Which tools of saving and invest should me in mind? Very important things to before invest or saving we should be in our mind such as – Liquidity Protection Facility Return after taxes

Magic of Power of Compounding

Understanding of power of compounding is key point for success in invest. How it is work and profitable let me with know- If we chose long term plan such as 15 year or 20 yrs or more yrs and continue invest a fixed amount in regular period as you select than your invest will give you more than you hope. Interest on amount as added in total amount and once again interest on total amount added in total amount and thus you amount increase within time period gradually. So power of compounding working on your invest systematically and het lp to increase amount time to time. I share of other finance adviser word that long term with aim and target is more profitable and capable to give big amount.

NOTE-This is only information please take advise from your financial adviser before any saving and invest.


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